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2020 Festival Promo

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The Food

"Without a doubt, the best festival food we’ve ever tried." - Wessex Scene

The Chilli

Bunnymans chilli is lovingly made with steak from our local butchers. Our vegan chilli is created using soya which is ethically sourced. A secret blend of spices and seasoning is added to produce a truly outstanding chilli with great depth of flavour; no jars, no additives.

We think it will be the best you've ever tasted.

The Bread

It's a torpedo monster, custom baked by our local bakery. We offer crusty white or crusty multigrain. The loaf is cut in half, with the centre pulled out and transformed into garlic bread. The hollow is filled with lashings of chilli, finished with sour cream or hummus and topped with the hunk of garlic bread.

The Nachos

A generous tray of corn nachos is loaded with a mighty portion of your favourite chilli with the toppings of your choice - cheese, sour cream & hummus. Great to share!

The Rest

We use no packaging for our Bunnychow (the bread is the bowl!) and compostable trays for our Nachos.
Everything is sustainably and ethically sourced.

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